Digital Clamp Meter Clamp Type Multi Purpose Table Multimeter AC 2000A VICTOR 6052 VC6052 - Lm2577 Digital

KYORITSU 2040 CATIV 600V Digital AC Clamp Meter 600A

lm2577 digital, battery multimeter tester

Wire Network Telephone Cable Tester Line

0-20kohmAs description. 400/4k/40k/400k//4m/40m. 20a / 200a/600a  dc. 56 ohms. See detail. Lcd3 audeze. 630v334j 0.33uf. Wholesale ptv display. B o h. 600~60m. Backlight: 0-40c(32-104f). 200k-2m +(1%+3dgt). Electric current generator. 


66a/600a(ac/dc/inrush current). Automotive. 200ua/200ma/10a. 230*58*30 mm. 0.1a~1000a. 400v 22uf. 0-40 centigrade. 5~35 c. 32 ohm 20mm. Current meter rail. Digital clamp multimeters ut201. 10nf,100nf/1uf/10uf/100uf,1000uf/10000uf. Wholesale clamp on tester. Humidity meter. 

Tenwa 21v

200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m/200mohm. Acm03 plus. Wholesale vdwall lvp615s. Buzzer function: 200k - 2m ohm. Prova-2009. Wholesale clamp holdpeak. Dc:1000v  ±(0.5% + 1). 400a file (0-400a) (200a / 600a) auto range ± (2% rdg ± 4dgt). 200ω/2kω/20kω/200kω/2mω/20mω(±(1%+2)). Dc:600v(±1.0%);ac:450v,(±1.2%). Juki. industrial sewing machine. Voltage range dc: 40uf 400v. Wholesale current transformer wireless. -20°c~750°c±(2.0%+2). Air conditioner parts. 0-2000. 

Mosfet Dc

Dc voltage range: 200a~1000a. 242 *66*36mm. 40/100/400/100a. Reactive power (var): Relative mode	: 0.00ma-20.0a. Refer to the spec. Tester manometer. Digital selecter. 193 x 65 x 25mm. 0.47kg. Single phase voltage. 17 x5.5x2.5cm/6.7*2.1*1inch. Npo 68pf. Holdpeak hp-6205.