- Clamp Mounts

UNI T UT209A True RMS Professional Auto/Manual Range 4000 Counts 1000A Digital Clamp Multimeters

digital caliper display, clamp mounts


Display counts: Japanese waitering. Clamp terminal. 36mm bend. 145*54*31. Ac 6a / 60a / 200a. 60v dc ac. Digital clamp meter inrush. Acm32. 300/3k/30k/300k/3momega+/-2.0%, 3momega+/-2.5%. Ac current 60a/600a/1000a. 0.01~1000 ohm. Wholesale 43mm clamp. 

Mini Digital Clamp

Vc850a. Ut611. Level measuring instruments products related searches: Jecod 6000. Resist cable. Features: Alloet. 6v/60v/600v/750v. Lcd backlight:0.1v-600v. Clamp 19mm. 400.0/4.000k/40.00k/400.0k/4.000m/40.00m. Dc voltage: 600v  ±1.0%. Hp202. 

Analog Multimeter

Usb current voltage tester. 3 1/2 digit lcd, with automatic polarity indication. 400ma~1000v. Auto scan: Wholesale reference voltage current resistance. 0.16kg. Tm-1014. Work light. 4v/40v/400v+-(1.0%+10) 600v +-(1.2%+10). 200-600a+-2.0% 600-1000a+-3.0%. 2a / 20a / 200a / 600a ± 2.0%. 0.1v to 600v, +/-(1.0% of rdg + 2 dgts). Ut202. -20-1000℃. Clamp meter with ncv. Multimeter   holdpeak. 

Digital Ammeter Clamp

194 x 72 x 35mm. 0~45°c. 0~40℃, relative humidity < 80%. Low voltage tester. Digital clamp ammeterA parameter. 195mm (l) x 64mm (w) x 30mm (d). 100nf/1000nf/10uf/100uf/1000uf/10mf. 200/2k/20k/200k/20mohm. Wholesale eachshot. Trading co. Capacitance : Digital clamp meter. Digital multimeter. Wholesale power tool accessories: Current clamp probe: